Cloud WAN

A plug-and-play business-class WAN.

Network architectures are never static, adapting to the dynamics of the businesses they serve. The traditional WAN morphed into the Hybrid WAN; which was in turn optimized by applying software-defined concepts to become the SD-WAN; now the SD-WAN gains further momentum from becoming entirely cloud-based to offer instant and streamlined WAN connectivity and services to branch offices.

Get more out of your WAN.

An SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction.

The Cloud WAN virtualizes every network function and delivers it as a service, including core network functions such as packet steering and path selection. Having your SD-WAN delivered by the cloud can invigorate your WAN architecture to deliver increased branch office agility, orchestration simplicity, and SaaS application performance for every user at every location.

When the cloud is the network, you build and manage a secure WAN over any physical connectivity from any site, with all traditional network functions delivered as cloud services, and without the headache of complex hardware configurations for every site.


A Transport-Independent Architecture

Branch office connectivity has never been simpler. Some locations may have MPLS, some may only have broadband, some have both, some have 4G LTE, some have all of these. With a Cloud WAN, it doesn’t matter: links are automatically detected and bandwidth—real-time throughput, not just a passive SLA—measured, monitored and used by virtualized traffic steering services. Applications are instantly identified and their traffic parsed and steered in the most economical way according to one-click, centrally controlled, business and security policies.

Branch Office Connectivity

Branch office applications, traditionally implemented locally to optimize the user experience, or in a corporate data center to optimize maintenance and management effort, are now increasingly resident in the cloud, or being replaced by more modern and efficient cloud-based applications. To adequately perform their duties it is now imperative that branch office personnel must have high-performance access not only to data center applications, but also to SaaS applications. A traditional WAN required the management of hundreds or thousands of individual branch office configurations—the Cloud WAN requires only managing the aggregate services, applications and security they need.

Optimized Dynamic Multi-Path Selection

Traffic is steered intelligently across the right path at the right time to guarantee a satisfactory user experience for SaaS applications accessed from any location. This service involves the unique combination of continuous monitoring, dynamic self-learning application steering, and on-demand remediation technologies.